How to create Subsurface Scattering AO mask map?

Hi. :slight_smile:

I’m studying the new digital human project to create realistic skin. And I’m seeing some stuff I’ve never seen before such as the SSS AO mask map. It’s kinda purple with blue highlights around the lips, eyes and nose. How am I supposed to create this map? There’s also that green map (called MESO normal), never seen that before either. I can’t find any ressources that teach how to create these maps. Is there a way to create those in photoshop by playing around with the texture channels?

Meso- is a terminology defining scale. Similar to micro- and macro-.

So in this case your meso normal map would define medium sized features on the skin.

For the SSS AO map, you’d probably just want to paint this. From what I can tell, its effectively just showing where blood is more concentrated under the surface of the skin.

did you manage to find a way to create the Meso Normal? the green and black mask?