How to create spherical ground like Earth for player?

I am a total newbie in game dev and UE 4.

Want to create a sphere with ~ 2 000 000 polygons where players actor(cube) can roll 4 different ways. Only 4 because he is a cube. :slight_smile:

Eg Earth is a sphere, ground where people walk, man is a cube (player character).

1 - create a sphere
2 - spaw players cube which user controls
3 - add cube movement on the sphere ground

Where should I dig, what to learn?
Any suggestions about the implementation of such feature would be very appreciated!

You also need custom physics dir that. Have a Look at the marketplace-one nice Dev has releases a free Plugin for your usecase, I guess it was Something with tinyPlanet or planetMovement… sorry I don’t remember and Im Not on PC Till monday

Ah Here WE Go

It’s from Travel. Look hin Up in YouTube He hast also done very good Tutorials in the past

Thanks, it is not 100% what I need. But at least something. Also, I was thinking about the flat ground with a sphere on the background. When a character moves, we move sphere. What do you think? I will need to spawn items on earth, check collisions, etc. Is this way easier and faster to implement? Because I do not need very difficult physics like jumping or traveling in between spheres.