How to create random blocky blurred boxes to create 'low quality youtube video' post process effect?

A game called Scavenger sv-4 has an effect like what I am looking for, right at 2:40 in this video you can see an intentional increase in the blocks and their blurriness SCAVENGER SV-4: Full Run Part 2/4 - YouTube .

I have been looking into post processing and material graphs but have not yet been able to make a connection of how I could recreate this, and feel am nearing a dead end of my abstraction ability on this effect. Currently I’m thinking a checker board needs to be made and randomize the amount of blur each cell produces. That or somehow grab the average color of each square and choose randomly some to blend and others to leave at higher resolution.

Is there a better approach you think, or have you any links/tutorials of something similar to this being performed?

Thank you and my apologies if this is in the wrong category, I consider this a visual effect but not for Niagara

You need to take the UV, and quantize it. Multiply by 200, round, divide by 200 again, use that to sample the input (assuming input is in 0 … 1 range, and you want to split screen in 200 tiles across.)

If MIP mapping/filtering is on, this will unfortunately generate bad gradients, so you have to forward the gradients as calculated by the original UV coordinate set.

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