How to create rainbow road blueprint?

I’m trying to figure out where to start with creating an easily modifiable road map system where you can just create a spline and it will generate a road that follows the spline. How can I do this? I’m trying to recreate a rainbow road from Mario Kart (road in the sky/space with no ground). So far I got the material and square plane ready to go.

finished blueprint project just assign your road mesh!

Oh wow. Useful. I gotta figure out why the mesh is not showing up. It seems to be broken. I can’t find the skeletal mesh option on the spline. Have you tried this tool yet?

Some 3-4 years back I tried. Did you assign your mesh in the blueprint?
You could use landscape splines for making roads and though there are some stability issues it is better especially if you are using runtime virtual texturing.

Or you could follow the tutorials of Zack from Unreal on making spline mesh road. While following that instead using spline point for adding new mesh, use nodes get spline length, get direction alone the spline, for getting points for placing the road mesh.

Yeah, that’s the problem there’s no mesh slot like in the video when I open it. I think it might be due to the fact I’m using a much newer version of ue4. I’m using 4.24.

you should assign the mesh as in the image.

Ah okay, now it works. For some reason, the SplineMeshComponent was private instead of public. Thanks man!

Just keep in mind that this blueprint has complex features. It might be better if you could make a simple version by studying it!

I agree. I could try to make a simple version of this.