How to create pre-rendered backgrounds adventure game?

Hi everyone.
Recently I stumbled upon the technique known as pre-rendered backgrounds. Some popular games that use it are the first Resident Evil games and Syberia.
I found it really interesting and would like to learn how to properly implement it but searching around the web didn’t return much meaningful results.
Whatever guide/tutorial I tried to follow I could never seem to get everything much correctly in perspective terms.

I think the top-down game template of Unreal would suffice for the point & click movement and static camera but I have no clue on how to achieve the correct perspective.
I know the technique has its disadvantages regarding e.g. dynamic lightning but I don’t bother at all with that.

I found that unity has a paid asset called “Adventure Creator” that showcases exactly what I want to achieve but I’d like to stick with unreal.
Check here a demonstrational tutorial at around 30:35
The backgrounds the player sees are basically photographs and the floor is practically aligned to the images.

Any fellow unreal user who has created or knows how to create something like this and would guide me on my first steps using that technique?
Thanks for your time in advance.

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I was looking for the same answer. Have you found any tools or assets for this purpose?

I guess the trick would be to modelize the full scene in 3D just for collision/occlusion purposes, BUT only render the animated characters in the scene + render a flat billboard surface with a texture corresponding to the prerendered background

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I’m not sure if i got what you mean, i think I’m just too lazy and looking for quick ready template. Especially when it comes with click and interact with certain items in the scene.