How to create planet size world?

I’ve heard that maximum size of level is 10km (ue3) or 5km (ue4) but I need to create planet. How can I create that big level? Won’t scaling mess up physics? Level streaming is not an option because you can fly on orbit above the planet.

Hello, if you have an animation when you land then you can have a level with planets where your ship is in orbit and can go in space and a full ground levels system.

Hi Kubasienki,

There are multiple threads on this topic for creating large environments. The best solution is to use our World Composition Tool which you can find more information on here.

The section on world origin shifting should cover the physics part. If you’re not using Level Streaming or the World Composition tool then there are going to be physics problems since it is based off the world origin. I think it’s around 5km out that it starts to affect things.

UE4 can make some large worlds now by using the World Composition Tool and level streaming, but if you want everything to be on a single level you’re going to run into some limitations.
I’m not sure, off hand, how to go about making a large environment that is always visible.

These other threads on the forums may help or at least give you some ideas of things you may not have been aware of:

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Hopefully those will help a little bit.


Thanks for your replays. My game is going to be something like kerbal space program. So I need really big environments.

Is it meant to have only a fraction of the area playable then or are you trying to make the entire world playable?

You can fly around the whole world.

I forget the name of the engine now, (some popular multiplayer space simulation game), but they have a bunch of videos on YouTube where they show how you can take off from the ground, fly around the landscape and then seamlessly fly into orbit without a single cut or scene change.

I’d love for something like this in UE4, but as Fen mentioned, you’ll have to use cut scenes or come up with some kind of method for your game where when you switch to a certain altitude, (perhaps flying though some clouds), it switches into the “space level”.

This is something I’m going to need to tackle for my game as well - I’ll probably go for the cut scene route as well, at least at first until I can implement something better.


I think about choosing another engine. Or even writing my own.

You’re thinking of Infinity, built on the proprietary Inovae engine.

No offense, but if you don’t even know how to find the answer to your own question, I don’t know if you are gonna have the technical know how or skill to write your own engine.

Why would someone want to play a game like that? You wouldn’t be able to fill it with enough interesting things for it to matter.

Yep!, that was it - I knew it was something that started with “I”, and I had said to myself Infinity, but wasn’t sure…

…And of course I’d LOVE to be able to do similar with my beloved UE4! :o