How to create multiple level maps for multiplayer games

So I’m wanting to create multiple maps for players to teleport to using a 2d map. The way the servers would be set up would be similar to minecraft, in which you would have a main server which contains all player stats, from the appearance, and skills/stats. (Which is the mincraft server which contains your username, skin, ect.) then that connects to other multiple server hubs which contain map stats, and points where you can teleport to the different maps/levels from a main menu, which then you finally have the multiple completely different maps/levels that the players can play on, but is all connected to it’s server hub.

So my question is how can I create different maps like you would have in a FPS in which there are different levels, and I’m not talking about sublevel, or level streaming, but rather compleltly different maps like in arma 3 in which each of there 5 map would be connected to a completely different server than another

In short how could I create different maps that only 1 of the how many maps I make is connected to one server, which in turn is connected to the server hub, which is connected to the player stats server

I need help with this…