How to create Menu (Main Menu, Pause Menu) in VR ?

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my question, I think it’s really simply, but I can’t. So, first time, I work on a student project, where we embody a very, very small character.
I have create a 3 maps, one for a main menu, an other for credits screen and the last, it’s the game. All this works, but when enable a VR mode with HMD (Oculus), there, that doesn’t work.
I create a widget interface and after,I create a blueprint actor to create a 3D-Widget.

The game in pause, but the 3d-widget does not appear. If we have the solution, I’m interested.
I continue to look for a solution.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

tried following the documentation?

You need to add the 3D widget in the blueprint as an actual component (called Widget) not via the “add widget component” node - see the doc link for how to :wink:

Ah yes ! I’ve already seen this doc before, but I totally forgot…
Thank you, but I have a little problem. When I’m in the Level blueprint, I don’t have a “Get User Widget Object”.
When I click on Start or Tab, I want the Pause menu opens. But, there, it doesn’t work… :frowning:

Example :

Sorry for the double post, but I don’t find the solution. My 3D_Widget works when I move in the scene, but I can’t.
I would like, when we push ‘‘Button start’’ or any other button, the pause menu appears in front the character or player.

Create a VRMenu, it’s difficult to do :slight_smile:

Ok, to do appears the pause menu, done ! But I have an another problem, when I add ‘‘Set Game paused’’, I didn’t see the ‘text’.

What I have :
What I should have :

See this thread and my comment in it: