How to create material with outer glow (similar to photoshop layer)?

How can I create a material that creates an outer glow similar to the photoshop layer effect? I’m trying to make a material for a holographic bridge that is a simple plane mesh and I want the edge of the plane mesh to glow like if they’re on fire (gradient color red, orange, to yellow).

Not sure how the whole material grid is going to be set up for it, but look up Masked and Emissive, as well as 'creating gradient color transition" in the docs search.

Huh, why didn’t I think of that. I could just make the texture with a mask and apply a color with multiply and linear gradient mode to the emissive and color tab and make the material translucent. I will post an update on this thread once I have created something.

I knew there’s a gradient node or two, but don’t remember what they’re called. Additive or modulate blend modes might work too, though those aren’t as flexible as far as I’ve read.

With the emissive value in the material you can also use a post processing volume to increase the bloom in the level as well if you wanted

Is it possible to have multiple material types into one? Like, have some parts be additive while others are just opaque or transparent.

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