How to create material surface like Japanese Anime

How to create material surface like this picture?
Maybe, we should make edge cover material, but I don’t know how to setting in Maya?
I see that “mi_car_paint_phen_x” has edge setting option.

thank you for advance

I would say you just have to handpaint nice textures and use high roughness values. This stuff is mostly not relying on shader magic in my experience. Its more or less artist driven since you have to build the assets in a specific way. I would say you could get a lot of inspiration for things like this on Polycount since there are a lot of artists working on stylized environments and characters.

Of course you can try it with some postprocessing magic as well, but I would go as far as to say you will never reach exactly this result without also taking this look into account when “painting” your textures :slight_smile: