How to create maps for the PBR system?

How do i go about creating the maps for the PBR system? I’m totally new to this PBR system so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You need 3d modelling program (or well uv unwarped models, most of turbosquid and such are useless without fixing).
Then you render uv layout, and paint sections of it with RGB+Alpha masks. And there you have your PBR layout mask.

Or you get substance painter + designer from allegorhitmic, it is very easy to make maps/ materials there if your model is unwarped into 1uv space.

You can always get some free uv unwarp tool (eg. blender), render uvs to texture and paint maps (solid fill) in mspaint or in gimp. And this all would be for free.

But if you can afford, really go for alleghoritmic indie bundle with some blender help. This combo will save you hours if not weeks of work.