How to create LoginServer and LoginClient, using UE4 networking?

Please, help me to understand how to create login procedure with LoginName and Password, using UE4 networking.

  1. I need to create Login Server, using UE4. Is it possible, with compiling with “SERVER” target directive? This server need to accept connections using LoginName and Password.

  2. I need to create Client application, which will connect to server by user LoginName and Password.

  3. I need ability to send server-client messages (packets) or RPC’s.

So question is:

a) How to create server on particular IP End Point, where to configure it?

b) How to connect to particular IP End Point from client, with setting IP address programmatically in code?

c) How to send LoginName/Password using encrypted manner, is there native UE4 such ability for passwords? or i need to create my own encrypting and then send encrypted data?

d) Is there native UE4 netwroking encrypting not only login data, but also whole networking stream?

please help.

PS: i really dont want to create my own Socket networking, i want to know, may be i can do the same, using native UE4 networking.

Yes you can, you can either create login on some http server which will some how send it to game server some session id some how or use UE4 replication by using function call replcation

Alternatively you can throw out this all together and use OnlineSubsystem which utilize online service (like Steam, Facebook as well as PSN and XboxLive on consoles) authentication system, then all user need to do is to be logged in to one of them and then on UE4 server, then you simply use online service unique ID that that service provide to identify user. This is easiest option.

Either way you pick, you are forced to use C++… well maybe HTTP option can done in blueprint with VaRest plugin

You question is quite general so, ask something more specific, maybe pick one of the options that sounds suitable for you

hmm, nice idea with http, thx.