how to create landscape material with irregular shapes - e.g. fields?


Soon I will start creating landscape and question. I have own thoughts but I don’t want to break open doors.

Here sample:

This is arma ii map I think, I found it random on web, but I need something like this. I’m sure is better way to draw irregular fields, grass etc instead of paining it in editor. How to do it in Unreal Engine? Any help appreciated, links would be enough or just some direction. I not found nothing handy yet.

Thank you.

Yes, maybe this is way, but still too far from result. I think here should be solution to use one big bitmap with all fields etc on it and it should work with terrain, just don’t know still how? :smiley:

Not sure if this will help, but maybe look into Vertex Painting? have never really used it in any of my projects to date but i know you can set various materials in there, PBR and such, and then paint them on a terrain to create a field, roads, puddles of water, patches of grass etc…