How to create hot steel when reaches certain temp?

So basically I want a metal material to turn red in the spot I apply fire and then gradually cool off when fire is gone. I’m not asking you to do it form me. Just would like to know the best way to go about this. I know material instancing can edit material values, but not sure if I can use it to direct the red spot where a flamethrower hits metal.

physical materials can be hooked up to achieve what you are specifying. There is an example of this exact thing in the content examples. I would check that out.

Thank you. I will take a look.

You might also try combining these two new features from the 413 features page:



If the character had a flamethrower you could draw to the render target, then use the rendertarget as a mask for your mesh decal. One layer hot metal, the other layer cold.

You can use a sphere mask in the material to mask off the effect, while passing the position of where the flamethrower jet hits as a parameter.

Also, there is an amazing material expression called Black Body. It matches the temperature input in kelvins to corresponding glow color. This is perfect for what you need.

Lastly, content exam

I will give all these a try and see which works best. Thank you for the quick response. I was trying to avoid decals Tom, bc positioning would be difficult on surfaces which aren’t flat, however, using flame collision point as the parameter might work if I tweak it a bit. Thank you. He’ll I could even use a combination of decal and black body to get a more authentic look.