How to create help option

hi am noob help me with this question? I wanted to create like a menu button or widgets accessible within the game. to give play tips on each respective level … can someone help me with this or if you know a text tutorial please send me?

Hi, you would need UMG widgets for that.

If you have no previous knowledge about UMG, then I would suggest you start with the quickstart guide to get a feeling and a first look about what you can do with it UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation and the learning video Your First Hour with UMG - Unreal Engine

Then maybe some more step by step tutorials, pause menu Creating a Pause Menu | Unreal Engine Documentation main menu Creating a Main Menu | Unreal Engine Documentation

If you got a feeling for UMG, then some best practices might be useful UMG Best Practices | Unreal Engine Documentation

And when you have the time then a (brief) look at all those UMG UI Designer User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation to get a better feeling of what is already built in.
With UMG widgets you can display what you want. Of course you would need to decide what to display and for that you would need blueprints.

thank you CHRUDIMER