How to create fluid like energy?


I am trying to create fluid energy/plasma much like in Star Wars you see those plasma rifle bullets. And when the fluid like object hits the wall, I need it to bounce off nicely. That is, I don’t want the entire object to bounce off at the same time, but rather the individual particles that the energy/plasma thing consists of. So the object’s shape is basically changing as it hits things, but the particles always remain together even if they twist or stretch.

I was thinking of either creating those particles of individual actors, but it’s hard to keep them together and they easily bounce off to different directions. I also tried to use the particle system, but it seems to lack control like I need to handle collisions to certain objects differently than others. Upon mirror collision, I want it to bounce, but with solid wall I want the energy object to get weaker/smaller.

I want to also handle collisions of two plasma/energy objects, merging them together. I also need to spawn those plasma objects with different parameters like speed, duration, size, color, etc.

What kind of approach should I take here?