How To Create Dust Storm Effect

Hi All,

I am trying to create an effect that makes it look like the player is in a very thick dust storm. My idea was to have a particle effect attached to the player’s head, with lots of dust particles moving around. I created the effect but there were two main problems. Firstly, it didn’t look that great. You could clearly see it was just a load of images of dust moving around. Secondly, to create the effect I wanted, I had to have absolutely loads of particles. This really impacted performance a lot.

So, how can I do it? How can I make an effect that looks like you’re in a dust storm, looks good and doesn’t impact performance too much? Hopefully someone out there has more experience with UE4 and can suggest some ideas.

been looking for a solution, did you ever come across one?

Using volumetric fog is what i’m currently using for a ‘dust storm’, while keeping performance at hand.

Here is a video how to use it and customize it.

I am using the same method as Kmontoya suggets