How to create color only decal and have it inherit normals and roughness from static mesh?

I am using decals to create some shadowing for trees. When placed over areas of varying roughness or normal direction, it overrides it with its own values defined in the decal material.

I want to be able to project color only onto the static meshes in my scene to achieve more a more realistic looking (but still faked) shadows(i.e. roughness of the foreground shadow should go to 0 in the puddle).

I tried switching Decal blend Mode to DBuffer Translucent color. This seems like the setting that I want, but it just makes the decal disappear altogether

Only translucent, stain, normal, and emissive seem to have any effect, but they are not what I want. I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong with the Translucent color Blend Mode or if there is an issue with it for this release.

Here is my material setup:

Pretty simple. I have tried the mask texture as TCdefault, greyscale, and masked. none seem to work for translucent color Blend mode.

Appreciate any help! :slight_smile: