How to create animation curve in module


Please, help me figure out:

How to create animation curve in plugin module, which only works in the editor? I just need to create it and assign a name. No need to configure.

For example, create animation curve by editor toolbar button click

Is there such an opportunity?

I found a solution to my problem.

In StartupModule() I get mannequin skeleton

TArray<UObject*> skeletons;
		EngineUtils::FindOrLoadAssetsByPath(TEXT("/Game/Mannequin/Character/Mesh"), skeletons, EngineUtils::ATL_Regular);
		for (auto asset : skeletons)
			USkeleton* temp = Cast<USkeleton>(asset);
			if (temp != nullptr)
				Skeleton = temp;

and then a call in function

FSmartName CurveName;
		if (Skeleton->AddSmartNameAndModify(USkeleton::AnimCurveMappingName, FName(*CurveNewName.ToString()), CurveName))
			UE_LOG(MyLog, Warning, TEXT("Create Animation Curve successfull!"));