How to create and load assets at run-time

Hi Folks,

I’m currently working on HTC Vive desktop VR project. Our client requirement is assets must be load during run-time like loading asset bundle technique from unity.

Is there any technique to load assets from external server?

Thanks in advance.

Look at Procedural Mesh, if you want to import a FBX or OBJ at Runtime, you need create a custom FBX importer. In the Marketplace have some plugins to do that.

If by loading assets at runtime you mean loading a model with its textures and spawn it for instance, as CP Baboon as pointed out you will have to either code an FBX import yourself or buy something like this from the marketplace.

I recently worked on a project that had the same requirement (given that you mean importing FBX files at runtime) and what I ended up doing was using this free plugin based on the assimp library and just improved it to load meshes asynchronously (it does it on the main thread by default) and load images into texture and finally create materials for the mesh. Then I coupled it with the runtime mesh component plugin (also free but not in development anymore) which is an improved version of the procedural mesh component.