How to create an app binary?

I’m done with my VR expierence and am going through the process of getting it uploaded to the oculus store, they want me to upload my

app binary

To the developer dashboard, I’m not sure what an app binary is.

I noticed in my production package I have a binaries folder but it seems to just contain some .dll that the app is dependent on, when I go to upload on oculus it won’t let me upload a folder it looks like there looking for just one file.

Any help appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

You need to package Shipping build (any other build will contain development and debug related things), it will will build monolith exe file containing all the modules. I assume they want the exe file that will run the application regardless of other depnces. Read up there documentation they should have info how to package your game for there store

But regardless of anything else you should always make Shipping build or else you will be distributing very dirty build of your game