How to create an animation for a mesh that loops and despawns at a certain point

To just do what you have in the video there you can just make a BP with the plane mesh in, and put this code in it:


so i want to create an animation where i have an airplane mesh, that is constantly moving, and at a certain part the airplane would despawn and then the animation would restart and have the plane respawn, i also want the animation and respawning to completly stop at a certain point in the level. heres an example. black ops planes animation - Album on Imgur

There’s probably a dozen ways to do this. For something super simple you can try this and see if you like the way it works:

Image from Gyazo

You can have many points and can control them like so:


And stop / restart:


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may i ask how did you get the Set Start location node? im still kind of new to the blueprints system.

Sure: I put a trigger volume in the level, above the player:

Then this is the level BP:

If you want them all to start on one side, you can change it to:

this is what ive gotten to so im not sure how to get the spawn transform location pin

Right click on the orange transform pin and choose ‘split pin’

ok i have the level blueprint the way you have it, so i should be able to have the set start location node?

The start and end location is set in the plane BP, I gave you the code for the plane BP up there…

The plane BP just takes the location it was spawned at, as the start location and figures out the end location from that…

yeah i know to use the code from the plane blueprint but the first node that needs to be connected, the set node, i dont know how else i get that node, you said i had to add a trigger volume and put the level blueprint code, i did that, but i still cant get it, im sorry of if im annoying you but im still new to this, and i cant really find any ohter place to learn this.

Drag the pin out of the right hand side of ‘start location’ and type +

You will see ‘vector + vector’, choose that one.

You also need to put a float track in the timeline, going from 0 to 1 over the length of the timeline.

where do i add a float track? i looked it up on the unreal engine website but it was for a much earlier version.

Glorious! Is isPrime from the LE Extended Standard Library?


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So you have a vector variable, right? Drag it into the graph, and it says:


you choose ‘set start’

Another way is is to ALT-drag the variable into the graph.

ok i have everything set up except for the node with the three value and a + sign, i feel like ive used it before but dont remember what it was called.