How to create an After- image effect?

Ive been trying to make an after-image effect for the times when my character moves fast or does some fast attacks , something like the image shown below .

But i cant think of anyway to actually creating something like this , all i can think of is to attach a particle to character which generates after-images when needed .
But how can i make a particle which actually generates something like this ? any thoughts would be appreciated .

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated .

I don’t actually know so don’t like, assume this is true, but I thought what people did was do that in the animation? Like, they have the normal character doing the attack, then they have a duplicate of that animation a few frames back, except transparent, and another one, etc. all in one fbx file. I’m probably wrong though.

Could you do it with a postprocess, I wonder?

Maybe if you set the character to custom-depth-buffer to process it individually you could put together something that used multiple frames at once together (like a long exposure effect or whatever?) but when used on just that character it would produce something like the effect you wanted?

I can imagine a hacky way that involves spawning duplicate actors with a local Time Dilation of 0 every tick so they’re frozen in place, but that seems both prone to failure and more performance intensive than necessary.

thanks for the replies.
well i guess it is more problem than it is worth .
it is such a common effect , i thought everyone has done it before :smiley: