How to create an accurate road network on an undulating map? Use texture?

I have a rolling real world terrain and I want to add the road network. I need it to be accurate though so I’m hoping there’s a way to apply a texture over the landscape that will either represent the real world road system or help guide me when I’m creating it using the editor. Is this kind of thing possible please and if not, could you suggest a method of placing the road system accurately on the map? Thanks!

I been for a while how to go about it i usually try to avoid creating a road thinking it may not look right to me, but im think, as a example when roads department go out and const a road i notice they do it in sections cut into the earth which reminds me using the sculpting tool in UE4 set on a slow setting as well as with, while using the mouse travelling the direction want the road to go up and down hill to the desirable length of road, the go over the path again with the flatten to set at desirable speed i say slow just like a steem roller rolling over a road you would see done driving your car to work and home, next i say put a layer of tiny stone like asset material like dolamite, bettween dirt layer and ash felt, the with the painting tool a layer of ash felt bitumen asset depending if the road asset is a spay on or a section or road then the white line along near to both sides not right on the edge a bit in in middle of road broken lines 2 m in length 2 m gap from the edge from bitumen road there is a strip of dolamite 1.5 m as i remember on a country road also different radius bends as well some 25km bends some are very long corners as well could handle many 100s of kmh. This is my interpretation of creating a road, a cannot do anything yet as i sent my Laptop in to get my hardrives repaired.

Thanks for the input James, I’m looking forward to actually crafting the roads and your ideas are good. My current problem is finding a way to guide where I position the road. I want the roads to take the same course as they do in the real environment I’m modelling and when you jump into the editor, you can only guess where they should go. Wonder if anyone can advise on perhaps laying a road graphic on top of the landscape which I can follow when using the editing tools?