How to create a whirlpool?

Hi guys

We are planning to make a game which there is a whirlpool comes out in the middle of the game, anyone have any good suggestion about how to make a whirlpool shows up in the middle of the ocean from no to large?

thanks guys

Nobody knows?

I don’t know much about the particle system, but I do believe you can create a whirlpool with it using mesh sprites. If not, you could create an animated mesh, or a mesh with animated material.

For pulling objects in and what not, you’ll need to manipulate gravity with blueprints or C++

This is pretty complex but I would have a whirlpool mesh in the middle of a larger ocean mesh, the ocean mesh would have a hole in the middle of it for the whirlpool mesh.

The whirlpool mesh would have a morph target deformer on it that goes from regular water to a cone shaped whirlpool.

The water textures would be set to world coordinates to ensure the textures line up. This should apply to any tessellation maps, etc.

You can animate the morph target.

You can change the water material from regular water to swirling water via a material lerp, you can control what areas a swirling or regular water (on edges) with vert color.

Just one solution. Good luck.

Thanks so much guys