How to create a water jet?

hi I am new to unreal and am making a game were the character shoots a water jet similar to this " " Can some one tell me how to create this or point me towards a tutorial.


use particles, emitters for that or projectiles.

Ya I got it thanks…got the particle system from unreal engine 4 materials demo…

This is an opened ended question, basically the answer is to create a nice particle system that is convincing. Of course, that answer won’t teach you how to create game VFX, that’s something you will have to learn or have someone teach you. My advice for now would be to check out the Epic Particles project sample. There are a lot of great particle systems, including shaders and textures that mimic water pretty good. Take some time to learn how they are put together, then create and modify one to your needs. This will prob be the fastest and easiest way to do it on your own. If you’ve never created VFX art for games before, then it’s going to make it that much harder and take that much longer to get this done. Good luck!