How to create a VR first person player/character which can be moved around the environment without using WASD

Hey everyone, ive been toying around with unreal engine for a couple weeks but still unclear on how to do several things. hence why im here. My question is, how can I create a 1st person VR player which can move around the environment using controllers such as the ones provided by the HTC Vive and the Gear VR etc. Ive built my environment around the VR-Basic level but everytime I package the level, im just a free roaming floating camera which can only move using the WASD keys on a keyboard. Am I doing something wrong or have I missed something. Also when I do package the level, it only displays like a normal game and not a VR one, by this i mean it doesnt split in two on the screen, only 1 display section.

Sorry it is long, thought the detail might help haha

thanks in advance

When that happens it is very likely that you are actually using UE4’s Default Pawn instead of your own. The Default Pawn has a floating movement component and standard action binding to WASD, hence what you are experiencing.

Check that:

  1. If you are using Player Start,
    your Pawn class is properly
    referenced by your Game Mode within
    Default Pawn

  2. If you are not using
    Player Start but have your Pawn
    directly in the level, that
    Autoposses is set to Player 0

With that it should work as expected.