How to create a transparent layered material? trying to put two material on top of each other.

Hi I hope some one can help me.

I have created a material by flatten mapping my 3D box and then drawing hieroglyphics on the areas i want them to be on the box and exported it as a transparent PNG file. in unreal i have decorated my box by using the material provided by unreal and I’m waning to layer my material on top of it so that the hieroglyphs appear on the box while making the materials show through. the method i found to do this was by creating layered materials and putting them into a material instance to layer them on top of each other but I can’t make hieroglyph material layered and transparent they all just turn black.

I’m still new to the Unreal Engine so any and all help would be great in solving my problem or coming up with on other solution to my problem.

I don’t know if it helps but this is a picture of my failing attempt to make it transparent.

same here

why cant we have a transparent “background layer” ?