How to create a target point dynamically

Hi guys
I want to create a project to work with Gear VR. But I want the viewer to be able to move about the scene freely, not by teleportation.
So I thought about creating a system that creates a target point when the viewer is looking at a point for some time.
Is it possible to create a target point dynamically?
How to make? And after that target point is created make the viewer “walk” to it. I thought of using the “move component to” for this purpose.
What do you think of this? Is it possible to make this system?

As for the target point:
Trace, place a visible marker at hit location, save location, next tick retrace and if location is within error margin increase stare time, if stare time gets above threshold move to location.

I’m not so sure “move component to” will do the trick by itself.

Cool HavocX!!! I’ll try and post here the result or more questions !!!