How to create a STATIC UMG mini map showing player transforms

I have successfully created a UMG minimap that rotates and tracks with the player as per the epic wiki
A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums . Great work Rudy Triplett and Will Rivendell for writing this up.

However, what if I do NOT want the minimap to follow or rotate with the player. Instead, I want the reverse. The mini map being static but tracks the players translation and rotation on the mini map? I have seen this successfully done in video games and would like to learn how to do this myself using blueprints.

Using the UMG Mini Map Wiki as a base, what changes would you make to the blueprints to make this a success! Any suggestions?

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there trying to figure this out. Anyone know of any links or tutorials that allow you to create a static mini map using blueprints AND shows the player location and rotation/look at direction?

Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

did you manage to find a way of doing this? im trying to do the same (AOE style strategy game)

Not as yet. I am asking a few others on how to do this. There is a marketplace BP that someone wrote that does this but it also integrates a bunch of other capabilities. Once I find the answer to this question, I will post an update.

I was able to get the static mini map effect by following this tutorial video. In our situation, just position and orient the camera top down.

I have a similar issue. I’ve been able to get a minimap to track players using a SceneCapture2D and an overridden OnPaint function with some fiddling, but i don’t think that’s the correct way to do rotation. If you figure out how to make markers rotate please let me know.

Basically what i have is a camera with an orthographic scene capture at 0.0.1000 that feeds a picture to my map widget. Then i get transforms for all of my players and send them from the server to all the clients. Those transforms then go into the OnPaint function of my map widget where they are converted into 2dVectors for the locations of the players on the minimap. Calculate mark location is a simple mathematic proportion, where 500 is my widget side size and 12000 is the ortho width of the SceneCapture2D. ±250 just make so that markers’ coordinates start in the center of the minimap and not in the top left corner.


For a single-player game there would be a lot less fiddling i imagine but this is what i have for now.