How to create a simple multiplayer game?

How do I make a simple multiplayer game? Please help me.

+1 (with the catch being only a blueprint implementation)

To expand a bit, I’d like a tutorial on syncing things on the level across clients. I can get multiple clients to connect, but right now I have a countdown that begins at in the level BP BeginPlay, which leads to the unfortunate side effect that when the first client/server starts up, the countdown begins, and when the next client connects their countdown starts. I’d like to somehow sync these up (as in a race game, where we need all clients to begin racing at the same time!)

The ShooterGame has a full blown multiplayer implementation but it is suited for a very specific set of game types (free for all, team deathmatch) for an FPS. Would it be possible for someone to post a tutorial on how to setup the framework for a multiplayer game that suits ANY game type? This doesn’t necessarily have to include the OnlineSubsystem for platform integration (would be a bonus) but rather a basic network-based multiplayer framework that could theoretically be modified to use for any game. Rama did post a link saying he wrote up a tutorial for his MP game but it has never materialized anywhere on the UE4 forums.

If you can wait couple of week :cool: then you will be lucky. I just started with my UE4 tutorials series. I submitted the first thing which was how to build the editor/engine for Mac OS. and then I’m recording now how to use 2d and how to make a mini 2d game with the engine. In my plan, the multiplayer is the following step after that. so if you are not in hurry, you can wait this few weeks.