How to create a room with a door?

Hi, i’m ashamed to ask this because it seems pretty basic but for some reason I can’t quite figure it out.
I’d like to create a room with a shape like this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I tried creating it with the box brush using a box with sub mode to create the door, and then converted it to a static mesh, but for some reason I can’t vertex paint on it after it. (which is why I decided to ask this question because most tutorial online doesn’t mention this)

I tried to do it in maya as one plane mesh and then extrude it (I read that if the mesh isn’t thick it will cause lighting issues, and if isn’t one mesh there will be light bleed), but i’m confused with uv/triangulation: the floor has a material with displacement and I plan on blending it with another material with vertex paint, so it needs to be quite high poly. As for the walls, they don’t need to be as high poly as the floor, so it seems like a waste of ressource to smooth it, especially if I extrude it. I kinda end up with something like this: (please ignore the different shape and the fact that it’s a plane) Imgur: The magic of the Internet I don’t even know how to uv this thing ha.

I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning but my end goal isn’t something that can run like a game, it’s only for cinematic purposes, so i’m really going for quality. I put a simple box in my scene and tried my vertex material and it work, so it’s not my material set up that isn’t working.

What should I do ? I’m sure i’m either missing something obvious or am completely lost. I’d stick with the box brush as a static mesh but like I wrote above I can’t vertex paint it.

Sorry if the question has already been asked/answers somewhere, i’m totally new in world design.


Here are the images in order of my post in case the link doesn’t work:

Typically, this would be made out of several meshes, with a material applied.

If you’re making a mesh from a box brush, I’m assuming the reason you can’t vertex paint it is lack of geometry. There will only be 2 massive polys per side. You need subdivs.

I just checked, you can’t do that with the box brush, so an external tool might be the way. But do give the box thickness, otherwise you will run into lighting problems.

EDIT: You can make a perfectly respectable room out of scaled cubes ( default cubes, not brushes ). But you will have to use a world aligned material in that case to avoid texture scaling.

Make it in an external program such as Blender. It’s easier to construct with either multiple pieces or perhaps only one starting mesh. Looking up a few tutorials on basic modeling functions would help too (Extrude, Bevel, Edge Loop / Ring, etc). When it’s finished in the external app, export it to Unreal with the correct scene measure and axes references (Z up, X or Y forward…e.g., what direction the X or Y axis is facing upon starting a new scene in Unreal, aka the default). Do the same on import into Unreal in the dialog, and remember to select Import Normals and Tangents or Unreal will realign the UVs and such according to Unreal space rather than the space it was created in. This is, I think, one of the common problems in getting UVs to render correctly in Unreal when importing models. The external program has a different XYZ coordinate reference system than Unreal’s, so the UVs end up wrong on import if 'Create Normals" is selected, in which case Unreal creates new normals and may lack the proper UV referencing of the exported / imported UVs.