How to create a Point Cloud from scratch using blueprint? I'm using LiDAR Point Cloud Plugin

I am attempting to create a simple point cloud using the LiDAR Point Cloud Plugin in Unreal Engine 5. Here is the blueprint attempt:

My attempt here is that I use the “Create Empty Lidar Point Cloud” node to create a blank point cloud, attempt to add three points (Random Points 0-2) and set it as data on the point cloud.

What I expect to see is three points in my environment upon pressing Play, but they just don’t show up. Please help, what am I missing?

What actor is added to the scene to display the cloud?
As far as I understand it, the point cloud is just a data container (similar to a mesh); it needs to be added to some object that knows how to display it.

Thank you for your reply. The blueprint I showed is an Actor blueprint, and it is an actor on my level:



Looking at the source, it appears as if only the editor does cooking of point clouds, and it doesn’t do it at runtime.
Thus, you’d need to create the data in some editor utility, not in begin play.

Also, that “create empty point cloud” node should really be tagged with “editor only” – it should not be available in a runtime blueprint, because it’s implemented in the Editor half of the plugin, not the Runtime half.