How to create a Oculus VR project?

I find some video tutorials,told me first step is choose “Rift First Person”blueprint,but i can‘t find it…only "First Person"but no Rift…so,how to create a VR project???
PS:when i creating project,Oculus is not plugged in,is it necessary when creating or programming?


You can find more information about the VR workflow in UE4 in these documents:


Also you can download VR Game Template:


And of course, you can develop your game when Oculus is disabled, but from time to time you should check your project using Oculus Rift. Because Oculus still has some limitations and you need to check your work.

Follow these steps to get your project setup for occulus
At the end is more links to further documentation on using occulus in unreal. I dont know if those blueprint nodes are only available when you enable the plugin or not. I’ve only made one project and that was 6 months ago on engine 4.8

thanks a lot!

is really helpful!!but i was download template by second link,but is realy old…is post in 2014,so has a lot version issue,but first link is really helpful,thanks a lot!!