How to create a multiplayer FPS using blueprints

Hello, I have a few questions and confusions about how to make a multiplayer FPS game in ue4 using the FPS template. My question is mainly, how do you make it so that other players see the players player model, while the actual player just sees their hands and gun. And I am having confusion on how to create a server list that scans for servers. If there are any tutorials on this, mainly my question about my first question, please provide name and/or link. Thanks in advance!

The “Multiplayer Shootout” Game in the Learn Tab of the Unreal Engine Launcher shows how to create a ServerList. But keep in mind that ServerLists are only working in LAN as long as you don’t have an active OnlineSubsystem activated, like for example Steam, or your own scripted MasterServer.

If you are not using an OnlineSubsystem, you are limited to LAN ServerLists or joining Servers directly via IP.

Regarding your Model question. UE4 uses a “NetOwner” or “Ownership” System that helps you dealing with this. In the options of the SkeletalMeshComponent, you can set 2 bools. One is called “OwnerNoSee” and one is called “OwnerOnlySee”. The owner at this point is mostly the Player owning this Character. So the “local” client.

Setting the first person model (arms) to OwnerOnlySee and the third person model to “OwnerNoSee”, will result in your wished behavior.

Honestly, I would call out “Generic Shooter” in the marketplace. Its all blueprints and solid design. Its a great foundation for you to tear apart or start with.

Enjoy your gamedev! =)

Thanks! But what would I have to do to the model to make it follow the player?

Thanks! I will have to check it out.

Add 2 SkeletalMeshComponents. Set the bools like i said above and add your 2 Models to the Components. That’s all.

You may want to check out some Tutorials on Youtube/Google, the LearnTab of the Unreal Engine Launcher and the documentation.

Because i have the feeling that you are still a beginner and it would help you more to learn the basics first before asking questions. A lot of things will be answered by the tutorials (:

Thanks! I have tried the stuff you have pointed out and it all works really well! Again, thanks!