How to create a Minimap

hey guys i want to know how to create a minimap for my game but the point is , I cant use a camera above the character (because i think it would be a lots of triangle to calculate if you have any idea about it tell me pls) and as long as its an open world game with a huge city it would be a real pain to take pictures from above and put it together for using a 2d mini map

If you thinking about minimap that will show terrain, there no really way around it, you need atleats once render the terrain from above.Other solution would be generating minimap from terrain data you have but it’s a lot more complex depending on your set up. You can also just have substitute image that represents the map apex legends is pretty good example of that, you can see it on this site

As for minimaps with points, there a lot more options and a lot better ways then camera method. You can just use UMG, place canvas widget and place widget representing objects on the canvas according to the true location, you can also use OnPaint event to draw those objects on any widget. It’s a lot better to do this in C++ at this involves a lot of ticking.