How to create a MID(material instance dynamic) in blueprint

How can you create a MID node in blueprints or what would it require you to do. I have read the tutorials on them and tried that out but they still do not show up in blueprints. What kind of blueprint must i be in (level or something else) to be able to create the MID?

What part of this process is not working for you?

I can create Mat inst dynamic just fine via BP

you just have to plug in what your parent material is and then use Set Material on something and use your mat instance

you should probably have a variable in your BP to store a reference to your material instance for future changing of its properties.

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I was looking at this page

and i was trying to change the parameters the way the blueprint example had halfway down the page. I tried making your network but i was unable to get it to work. How would i be able to get the MID node like that. Also what blueprint do i need to be in to get that to show up do i need to be in the level ,character blueprint, or a custom blueprint to get it to work?

" How would i be able to get the MID node like that"

I created the pictures above from my Character blueprint.

but if you turn off that context sensitive button, you should be able to create an MID just about anywhere

#Graph not Constructor

Are you sure you are in your BP graph for any given blueprint, not the constructor?

You dont want to try and make MID’s in a constructor (in my opinion) :slight_smile:

My reasoning is that you can never be sure what exists during the object’s construction time other than it’s own member variables, so you cannot check anything related to a larger world context during construction time securely.