How to create a menu like this?

i understand how widget works and so on but i have no idea how to use these BP Classes or which one i need to use.

So far i did a setting menu, mouse+gamepad sensivity, resolution, graphic settings and so on.
Now my problem is that i want to know how to create a multiplayer menu.

Creating a client based menu isn’t a problem, screating savegame class, store variables there and done. But my problem is that i don’t know how to store these variables on a server and how i can create blueprint where i create a player name and that player name will be loaded in a combo box. So i can always choose another player with different names, so i will also know how i can save “variables” for each of them.

Any tutorials? But i mean good explained tutorials and not random picked from youtube because most of them are just **** where people switch between tabs at high speeds saying what they do like i would be blind.

Damian. While I cant specifically answer your question. I can direct you to areas that don’t waste my time. Personally.
Epic has this documentation for multiplayer.
This is the Epic video tutorial for blueprinting multiplayer.
Under the learn tab of the epic launcher. You can find some multiplayer games such as shoot out, and couch knights.
They are free to download.
I’ve found from my experience. The epic examples, kits, and templates in the marketplace teach far more, and faster than the youtube tutorials. In most cases.
I’m not sure what type of game your making, and I am in no way advertising a kit, or template on the marketplace.
I’m simply saying that having an entire asset library of working examples can cost far less time. It has cost me far less time in achieving some of my goals.
In most cases the kits are around the cost of a dinner, and if someone made me a template or package of assets that I liked. I would have no problem buying them a dinner.
Especially if it knocked months off of my build time.