How to create a material that retains the exact colors of the imported image.

I’m trying to import my image logo (that I created in Photoshop) to use as a material, but the resulting colors are dull/washed out. The imported texture in the content browser looks good, but the resulting material’s colors are incorrect.

These past few days I’ve read about sRGB, gamma correction, ToneMapping, etc…, but I can’t seem to figure how to just import it and retain the original colors. I’ve attached a screenshot of what the I’m looking at. The environment is unlit.

Thanks in advance.

Hi YoPrimeTime -

It is probably the lighting in your scene and the post process that is seemingly wash out your image. To get an exact look you can try a few things. The first and probably the easiest would be to set the material to unlit and plug the texture into the Emissive slot.

Alternatively you can make sure that the material metallic is set to 0 and the roughness is set to 1, leaving the material as Default lit then you will need to adjust the post process volume to turn off Auto Exposure by setting the min and max values to 1. If you don’t have a post process volume in your level, simply add one and set it to “unbound” which will make it affect the whole level.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum