How to create a material that animates vertices to simulate wind?

Hey guys I need help with this topic. I want the hair of my character wiggle a bit.
Create sort of impression that there is a wind around him.
I painted the vertexes in 3DS and imported the model with the right import settings.
But it seems I am missing something in the material editor.
Here is what I got till now:

Thank you!

Just add a Lerp node which you have to connect to world position offset instead of the multiply: (it’s a tutorial which I have recorded some days ago for another question ^^)

Or what exactly are you asking for/is your problem? :wink:

ohh, let me try this… thank you!

Appears to be much easier than I expected…
I appreciate!

There is a problem man…
The hair is part of my mesh and the texture it has - also part of the main texture map, its actually part of all the maps. its UV’s are together with others. So if I drag connection from the diffuse to the Additional WPO - all the model starts to wiggle… Strange… My model has everywhere white vertex color, only the tips of the hair are black… Don’t get anything…

Sorry… DONE! the lerp node minds the switching of inputs…