How to create a laser for VR in UE5?

Hi there!

For my uni project I’m working on a VR game in Unreal Engine. I don’t know much about UE, but I’m trying to follow tutorials so I can get the results I’m looking for. I added a VRSpawn and NavMesh to my project so now I can walk around and everything seems to work.

Now I want to create a laser so that I can click on objects that are a bit further away, and I only want the laser to be visible when I click on the trigger of my controller (oculus quest 2). I’ve been trying to follow tutorials but all of them use slightly different things or are outdated. Does anyone know how to do this or where I can find a good tutorial? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

This is an involved multi-step process that will best be tackled one piece at a time. As a first step, have you attempted running a simple line trace from the motion controllers with “DrawDebug” set to “For One Frame”?

…also, have you looked here Implement a Laser Pointer in VR - YouTube ?