How to create a Grid floor plane (basic black with white grid lines) and able to move my character from tile to tile using movement buttons?

How to create a Grid floor plane (basic black with white grid lines) and able to move my character from tile to tile using movement buttons?

Hello Community!
I have been using Unreal for about 5 months now, and after fooling around getting used to the layout and working with the blueprints. I am finally in the process of creating my game. Thus i have got a lot done but unfortunately I’m stuck and I need help. I have a few questions and I’ll be as specific as possible.

Question 1:
How could i create a basic Grid Plane (black with white grid lines) to where I could move my player tile from tile?

Question 2:
How could i disable diagonal movement? I just want to be able to go left right up down.

Question 3:
My app is going to be a mobile game, and the mobile controllers are the virtual joysticks. How could I remove the joysticks and implement a D-Pad based controller? and also on my main menu umg how could i disable the controller from showing on the menu screen?

Question 4:
My app is going to have in app purchases, so question is how would i implement those in my app or would i have to do that through the android google developer page? blueprints and a simple walk through would be great! Cause I’m literally about to lose all my brain cells trying to figure this all out!

Question 5: (final question)
On each tile, after the player has crossed/walked over it, how could i change its color to a particular player?
example player 1’s color is blue, after walking over a tile i want the tile to turn blue.

Thanks for all answers, they are greatly appreciated!! I have searched for 3 days now to find some answers and some examples to use but I’m totally out of luck!
Examples, pictures, videos will be very useful if someone could help me!

and if you have examples or videos could you please send them to my email address at after posting them on here. thank you again for all your help!!!

I think it would be better if you posted each question separately.

As for question 1, here is one way to draw a grid:

The gird is projected vertically and sticks to the mesh but the cells are independent from mesh scaling and rotation.

Thanks for the answer! Where would I put that blueprint? Just create a new material or just use level event graph?

The screenshot shows a material node graph not a blueprint. You can use this logic to change the diffuse color and other properties of your material.

Got it. Thank you so much!!


Can you advice, how to make cells like this - with changing color of cells and spheres on cells angles? I mean, how to realise it with your material code?

Thank you!

Well, dots, not spheres since it’s a material on a flat surface, but here you go:

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Thank you very much, @ZoltanE!

But I can’t understand - what function of your code draws circles?

The bottom half of the graph is responsible for the balls. Find the node with the comment “Dot mask”, right click and choose “Start previewing node” to see the mask for the dots. Color and normals are changed on pixels where that mask is white. Try previewing each node one by one to get an idea how it is generated.

Thank you very much, @ZoltanE !

@ZoltanE, what is name of the elements like


Is it Constant or it has another name?

Ahhh, found it - Constant2Vector and Constant3Vector…

You can hold down the ‘1’ key and click to create a float constant node. ‘2’, ‘3’ and ‘4’ create vectors the this way.

UE5 makes this error - [SM5] (Node LinearInterpolate) Arithmetic between types float2 and float3 are undefined

Im not skilled enough to solve this