How to create a game mode for shootergame<

So right click in the content browser and select the Blueprint Class button. A new window will pop up and there will be a button to create a new GameMode.

Good day,
can someone please help me with creating a game mode? What exactly I need to do to create a game mode? thanks. I mean like there is a premade project shootergame and there are 2 modes. I would like to create and add some and then just open it in menu like we can do now. Thanks.

You can also do it from the Add New button on the top left of the content browser. You can see the menus in this link.

Blueprint Creation

Thanks. And is there a bp of already existing mode for shootergame?

So are there any blueprints I can look on and sort of learn how to create my own gamemode for game like shootergame?

As far as I know there isn’t a blueprint version.
I created some GameModes on my own and it wasn’t that easy to really dive in. There are many aspects to understand in my opinion. I can only recommend to have a look at the source code itself which helps a lot.

I haven’t seen any tutorials about customising the Gamemode by blueprint, just by C++. Have a look in some of the other free projects on the learn page, you might find something!