How to create a duplicate VR display?

How does one go about creating a duplicate monitor output for VR? For example, when a player is in extended mode, I’d like to be able to broadcast what they see. Or when the player is in Direct mode, I don’t want the HMD mirror to be windowed. I was hoping there was a way for the direct mode HMD mirror to cover the entire monitor including the removal of any desktop elements like the taskbar. Is this possible, or am I not understanding a fundamental aspect of multiple monitor resolution output limitations?

I’ve run a few tests with this using the fullscreen exec command, but i can’t get around activating and deactivating the HMD when trying to achieve this.

Any advice in the matter is appreciated.

[edit] I’ve found this link which seems to be along the same lines, however it wasn’t resolved in the same manner as i’m looking for.