How to correctly use only Static Lights? (for VR)

How do I achieve the same quality as Dynamic and Stationary lights, but by only using Static Lights? It’s for VR, so I can’t really have any dynamic shadows, or the framerate will drop to 45.
My main problem is that a lot of objects stay very dark (skeletal meshes), or reflection spheres cast weird colors over my environment.

Any documentation for best practices (or recommended settings)? When looking at the Robo Recall project files, they only use Static lights, and it looks amazing. Also the lighting on the player equipped guns looks just as good as dynamic, how did they do that?

You should add a Lightmass Character Detail volume in the areas of your scene that have movable objects. This will place light probes in a dense grid. It is also important to place reflection captures in a way that roughly matches the edges of your geometry. If your sphere extends through a wall for instance, then light from the other side of that wall will leak through. At a minimum, you should have one separate reflection capture per room, and use the box shape where possible to minimize overlap. Also make sure that there is some reflection capture covering every part of your level, otherwise you will have no specular at all and metals will appear black. A common best practice is to have one huge reflection capture (or equivalently, a sky light) covering the whole level, and then put smaller ones inside of it for individual rooms.