How to correctly load Multiplayer Arenas, for example 2v2 matches

So I’ve searched around quite a bit regarding this and I can’t figure out the most optimal way to do this and how to do it…
So lets say I have a regular Lobby Level that everyone spawns in to, now if you go to X location(TriggerBox) you’re supposed to be put in to a Arena, but not unless there a total of 4 players “queued” for that Arena, and when there’s 4 people in that X location(TriggerBox) all 4 of you gets teleported, but the rest of the players remain in the Lobby
And now if 4 new players wanna do the same thing, they will of course get teleported to the same arena but in a separate instance so they can’t see the previous 4

Of course I’m not expecting someone to tell me exactly how to do this but I would really appreciate some pointers, should this be done with streaming the level instance, and place that Arena in the same Level as the Lobby, or would it be best to do this by Loading a completely new level?
Thanks in advance!

My first thought for this is to look at how to create this multiplayer game. This should go over basic stuff just to get you started and getting some main ideas down.

From there, instead of toggling player ready via button click like in the tutorial, you would toggle it when the player enters/exits the desired location [TriggerBox].

You’ll probably have to handle arena creation upon creation of the “hosting” player or handle it on the server via request if you have a standalone server where everyone connecting is a client