how to correct normalmaps on a semi triplanar texture setup

I am running into the following issue:

From the material editor lib, there is a node that allows me to do a triplanar setup and this node (material function) also repairs the normal maps on each direction.
Without it, the normals maps would look inverted in certain directions. For example: stones dont pop out, but become craters.

How can I get this repair effect without using this complex triplanar setup node? I prefer to input a custom map.
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edit: it is basically the same problems this guy has:
but I want to fix this without the _complex node and without the world position node. Instead, use a map similar to a normalmap to tell what is -x, +x etc.


Show your material.

There is no much to see in the material.
I am using the WorldAlignedTexture_Complex Node and added a normal map into ‘normaltextureobject’. It is a clean scene to test things out before going into the real deal. It is really just this node.

I realize, the above problem is a bit vage…basically I want to apply a custom mask for my triplanar setup instead of using the regulier XYZ projections.
(ps the picture is not mine but shows similar problems when I create a triplanar setup on my own, but for now I am using the complex node which supports normal maps, but now I am looking for a way to apply these custom mask)

Why don’t you want to use the node? To fix it another way you would simply be re-engineering what is already done. This isn’t a super quick thing.

You should be able to use the regular “World Aligned Normals” function without the _Complex. It shouldn’t be flipped like that, but it will not bend each projection around the vertex normal. So if you projected a flat normal onto a sphere, the 3 sides would just be the normal of that plane.

Hi Ryan!
I actually want to use this node because it works great, however: I have a landscape where mountains are more facing 45 degree. Therefor I am looking for ways to understand and modify the _complex node, so at the end I am able to rotate the triplanar projection about 45 degree. I have made an image here to clarify what I am talking about.

I come from an unity background where I am used to create everything on my own because the unity engine itself doesn’t come with some default toolset to make some real advance stuff, comparing to UE4.

Start with simpler version of this. Just make system that select solid color based on those angles you want. Landscape is bit simpler than triplanar because you know it’s just a height map.