How to copy content from one project to other?

Hi guys,
I am currently working on the FPS game, so I used a first-person template while creating a project. However, this template does not include things like character skeletal mesh, which is however included in side-scroller template. I can not find a templates directory, from which I could copy that content, and even if I would find that - how do I import that in my project? As far as I know, things such as materials, static meshes etc, after importing into engine, are being saved in some unreal formats in project folder, and can not be thus imported in other project. I guess that just copying them into my project’s corresponding folder will not also do the trick, right?

That leads to my second question - can we use assets, provided with example projects, in our game? Such as, materials, blueprints and static meshes from Blueprint Office or Strategy Game.

Thanks in advance.

ref:How to transfer assets between projects - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Always use Migrate. While that thread says you ‘can’ copy them via explorer, but you’d have to manually find all dependencies, and mirror the same directory structure or the references would not be found.

What about the export option? the .copy file?

they really need to find a better solution for this. It is ridiculous how unreliable this process is.

Migrate process is completely insane and not user friendly.
Why I cannot copy and paste selected object ( with their actual positions ) to another project.
Why it is not even possible to migrate assets selected in editor - you have to select assets in Content Browser. ?!
Devs, make it more user friendly, please.