How to cook custom K2Node_MatineeController?


I’m trying to create node similar to K2Node_MatineeController. There is no problem with copying the same functionality in editor but during cooking process I get some errors:

LoadErrors: Info Failed to load /Script/MyProject.K2Node_DTController Referenced by EdGraphPin_5797
LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to load '/Script/MyProject': Can't find file '/Script/MyProject'

Cooked map also doesn’t containt any information about K2Node_Event that are created for my custom K2Node_MatineeController to work properly. Is MatineeController node specially treated during cooking process? Is there any way to solve this issue? Or any idea for a workaround that would keep the same functionality?


can you upload a screenshot of your blueprint on how you try make node and explain a bit next:

  1. are you trying make just node with custom in and out pins and native K2Node_MatineeController call inside? if so, then you can make just a function and specify in/out pins or custom event with only in custom pins (because it exetuces in one way only, but you still can get result from event just with workaround code)
  2. are you trying override native node in c++ to make a copy with different pins? if so, i don’t sure why you need this, more simple way would be above, you also should understand that native node pins comes from inner C++ realisation logic and only good reason to change it is get access to inner classes/variables in C++ that wasn’t exposed to blueprints

p.s. don’t forget mark question as answered when problem solved, so anyone else later can have same question and may find solution faster, if you find solution on your own, don’t forget write it too


I’m trying to create a custom actor for a time based game. Actor will contain array with event names that should be created and fired at certain time. This actor will be placed in every map to work as an “Event Manager”. This approach would give me more possibilities than Matinee event track. I can make more arrays, set looping properties, set how many times it should be fired etc.

I don’t want to use Matinee for this because it would be more painful I believe and it would be less powerful.



Current node is just an exact copy with just different name that I created to test if there is problem with my class or not. Print string nodes are also for test only.

Ad1. No, I don’t even want to use Matinee. I just want to get similar functionality without Matinee limitations.

Ad2. I don’t want to make different pins. I would like to base this node over some other Actor than MatineActor. I won’t use finished pin but that’s not a problem.