How to convert uasset texture files to png or jpg?

How to convert uasset texture files to png or jpg?


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Do a right click on the texture in the content browser - export - choose png/tga/jpg :slight_smile:


No png or jpeg.png No png or jpeg?

Still no png or jpeg.

Just convert the file yourself if you need other formats.

Why are you bumping a 2 year old thread just to whine about answerers that, although aren’t exactly what the original poster asked, are close enough.

You should be the one shutting up :slight_smile:

So… In Unreal engine 4.19 there is no **Export **option for textures…

…I do have the option…

…and then you open it up in Paint and save it as you want (jpg/png)! :wink:


They don’t want you exporting Paragon assets because they are only to be used with UE. Try it with other assets and you’ll see that it works just fine.

So there’s no way to edit the paragon texture other than adding a “changed parts” texture-layer via material editor?! laaame :frowning:

That’s kind of mis-information,
the reason it doesn’t work is quite simple, there’s an issue with certain texture types that makes it hard for it to be exported normally.

In the case with the paragon assets, they’re stored as .psd’s but the source files aren’t included. Just the uassets. Its still possible to bake the textures and get them out…

That said, I’d be careful ripping things out of unreal, if it doesn’t want you to do a certain thing, it usually has a pretty good reason to do so…

Agree we need to have PNG export, already on my todo list! Until then it’s best to export as BMP and convert to PNG or another desired format in a separate application. I use IrfanView on Windows, GraphicConverter on Mac for those kinds of tasks. Not so sure about wanting JPG support since it adds compression artifacts every time you edit & save. Of course it’s always best to work from source images stored in a lossless format (PSD, PNG, OpenEXR, etc.).

There’s a Blueprint node called ‘ExportTexture2D’ that will export 16-bit assets as a .hdr image, which Photoshop and many other image editors can open. You can use that as a workaround to export 16-bit images, though the .hdr file format doesn’t support alpha. I don’t think that matters, as it looks like the Paragon assets mostly use separate mask images rather than alpha to store transparency data.


I don’t know if this helps but I found this tutorial on how to bake out materials with a blueprint. ?v=WaM_owaUpbE

Blender will open .hdr files and save them as .png/jpg

Select all of them and use: Asset Actions -> Export. Choose Windows Bitmap and then download something like “Bulk Image Converter” from Sourceforge or just write a short python script

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What if we just want to compress the texture to make it smaller?

Problem Solved:


and how can i use this Plugin in Conan Exiles Devkit?

i am using 5.1 not 4.0